Written assignment : disney movies and operas


Watch a Disney Movie/Musical and address the following questions in essay form:

  1. How is a Disney movie/musical similar to an opera? List at least 8 similarities you can find between Disney’sFrozen (or the movie you chose) and the operatic form using information found in your notes and text. Use terms from class where possible.
  2. What larger purpose do the characters’ songs play?
  3. Who has leitmotifs in this movie and when are they heard? Why would a songwriter/composer use leitmotifs?
    Keep in mind that these questions are requesting specific answers. If you have chosen option #1 and have not seen your movie for a while, you will need to watch it again. Vague answers will not count for full credit.

Watch a musical movie of your choice (West Side Story, most Disney movies – Moana works well, South Pacific, etc) and answer the questions below.

The link below will direct you to “Frozen” but you may chose a different film if it fits the requirements. it will open in a new tab. You might be prompted to install a plugin called “Silverlight” to view the video.

Disney. (2013). Frozen. (Links to an external site.)

If you encounter any problems while viewing the video, please contact SWANK, the streaming provider:

Digital Support Group
[email protected]
Toll Free: (866) 815-7719 or +1 (314) 984-6295


  • Choose a movie to watch this week that incorporates musical elements (Disney movies without musical elements will not count toward this assignment). To be safe, choose a movie classified as a musical or email me about your choice.
  • Answer the questions above accurately to display knowledge of the content for this week


  • Draw comparisons between 19th century musical techniques and contemporary entertainment styles
  • Watch a movie with an ear toward analyzing the musical elements and identifying how music can advance a plot and contribute to the story.
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