Write about 2 articles in the news that deal with ethical differences


Read Chapter 4 and look at the PowerPoint’s, and then ANSWER the following discussion question:

Using the data bases and resources here or you can choose any 2 current articles in the news or publications of interest to you that deal with ‘ethical differences or dilemmas’ between the USA and a country of your Choice in any field or topic.  You are to take these 2 current articles in the news and apply it to any 2 ethical concepts learned in Chapter 4 and how they apply. Please discuss both sides of the ethical dilemma and what you would do in that given situation. Please reference page numbers and concepts in your text and the links to the 2 articles you choose to highlight different cultures’ view of ethics. (300-350 words FOR EACH   ETHICAL CONCEPT YOU CHOOSE, and respond to 2 of your classmates posts 5% for each response). 


I am looking for you to respond to the question with cogent paragraphs that make sense to the reader. Business communications is important; therefore, each assignment will have a suggested minimum word count designed for an appropriate answer. You are also to read and respond to at least 2 of you classmates’ comments under each discussion question with several cogent paragraphs. You can agree, disagree, offer insights, etc. Please be civil in your exchanges. divergent and innovative views are encouraged in this class. Remember to incorporate experiences, examples, current issues in your responses to show how the points of these articles apply in real time to what you do or what you observe, etc.

As a general rule of thumb for all discussions and questions, I am looking for your personal insights on how the questions relate to you and your life’s global strategy. What do you think? How do you feel? What have been your experiences?

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