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As we explore history I always desire to have students look at the past and apply it to their lives.  This class isn’t just about learning history but rather it is about using history.  The ultimate purpose of this class is to help each one of you grow in your faith by using the lessons of history.  So your term project is tied to that specific purpose.

Topic: How have you used the historical lessons we have covered in class to grow closer to the Lord?  How have you used the lessons to impact your friends, family, and/or community?

You will need to identify at least 2 specific lessons and their real-world application.  They must come from different historical periods.  With each you need to identify a lesson you have learned, explore the historical context of that lesson, and explore the ways in which that lesson has helped you grow in your faith and impacted others by using specific events/encounters/instances.

Please note that the application isn’t what you have done previously in your life or what you will do in the future but rather what you have done during the time of this class.  I want this class to embolden you to act, to fulfill its purpose.  Also, this isn’t about how you relate but rather what specific actions you have taken and the specific incidents you note where the life lesson was applied.

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