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As a mental health worker, it is essential to understand the family systems: Individuals and their roles and boundaries. This assignment will help you understand how to analyze a family system. 

Cite two to four sources (in addition to the textbook) to support your answers.

After viewing the What’s Eating Gilbert Grape film and reading the “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Case Study,” answer the following prompts:


Explain how the family of origin dynamics caused the   family structure of Gilbert’s family (200-250 words).


Explain what the viewer doesn’t know about Gilbert’s   family (200-250 words):


Hypothesize about what leads to the mental health/social   issues in Gilbert’s family (100-150 words):




Sexual promiscuity


Using Gilbert’s family system, select three   of the following of Bowen’s theories and explain how they are present in the   Gilbert’s family. Provide examples (75-100 words each):




Nuclear Family Emotional Process


Family Projection Process


Multigenerational Transmission Process


Differentiation of Self


Sibling Position


Emotional Cutoff


Emotional Process in Society


Lastly, imagine   Gilbert Grape approached you to assist his family as their mental health worker:


Explain your approach to providing treatment for this   family. What preliminary steps would you take to begin your assessment of   this family? Why? (400-500 words)

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