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 I have two key discussions. I need initial Post of two discussion in 250 words each. I also need reply posts on other students post.  I also attached the reply post of each discussion. Reply post should be at least 100 words each. 

Initial Post due in 36 hours. No Plagiarism. 


 Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapters 14 and 16 in your course text. Discuss the benefits of deploying an integrated supply chain process at any retail or manufacturing organization such as that deployed at Walmart or Toyota. How do such processes support the strategic plan of the business employing such a model? What are some of the key factors associated with successful deployment of the model? And what method would you consider appropriate for measuring the integrated process? 


 Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 15 in your course text. Discuss the problems associated with reverse logistics or product returns. Consider a product that you have recently returned. What was the impact on the business where you returned the product? How did the return process influence your sense of product service and satisfaction? 

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