Viral vandal | Information Systems homework help

Read the Opening Case Scenario called Viral Vandal. 

Describe the detection and analysis steps in this case. What would you do contain and eradicate this threat?


1. Why is it critical for an organization to have a DoS attack response plan well before it happens?   

2. Use the four steps of the NIST computer security process to write a summary and analysis of each of the steps in a DDoS attack scenario.   

 a. Step 1 – Preparation: What steps would you take to prepare for this type of incident?  

 b. Step 2 – Detection and Analysis: Steps you would need to take in order to detect a potential DDoS incident and confirm if the incident is accurate  

 c. Step 3 – Containment Eradication and Recovery: What actions do you need to take to contain and recover from a DDoS incident  

 d. Step 4 – Post-Incident Activity – Describe the steps you would take post incident

Required: 200-to-300 words

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