Unv-103 week 6 goal setting activity

UNV-103 Week 6 Goal Setting Activity

University Success – Developing your Goals and Writing Skills

Grand Canyon University



Setting goals is important to your success because it assists you in staying on path to finding your purpose in life. You may have personal, academic, and professional goals; each of which will keep you focused and engaged with growing and reaching your fullest potential.

In this assignment, you will write three goals, using the method of creating SMART goals. Please refer to the Topic 6 Supplemental Material in regards to SMART Goals, as this will help you complete your assignment more successfully.

Required Materials

Lecture 6

“SMART Goals Worksheet”


Complete the SMART goals worksheet.

Format Requirements

Record your responses within the worksheet.




SMART Goals Worksheet

Instructions: Identify a personal goal, an academic goal, and a professional goal.

1. On the Goal line, write each of your three goals. Your goals should reflect your purpose for advancing your education at GCU, your purpose in life, and however you define your “purpose.”

2. Next, verify that each of your goals is a SMART goal. The goal characteristics, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely, are listed in the left column. Identify how each SMART characteristic is included in your goals. Complete all the columns in the worksheet.


3. Identify two main discoveries you made about how you spend your time – based on the 3-day sample from the Topic 2 Time-Monitoring Worksheet. Recopy them on this worksheet. Also, note what you spent more and/or less time doing than you thought you would. Write these also. Here is an example:

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