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Prepare this Assignment responding to the problems as a Word® document. List each question, followed by your answer. 



● Complete Chapter 2 problem, 2–8, p. 93 ● Complete Chapter 3 problem, 3–11, p. 129–130 ● The start-up firm you founded is trying to save $10,000 in order to buy a parcel of land for a proposed small warehouse expansion. In order to do so, your finance manager is authorized to make deposits of $1250 per year into the company account that is paying 12% annual interest. The last deposit will be less than $1250 if less is needed to reach $10,000. 


o How many years will it take to reach the $10,000 goal and how large will the last deposit be? 

Please read all the attachment . You have all information in that attachment .



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