Unit v phi 1301 | PHI 1301 | Columbia Southern University


Your assignment for this unit involves identifying fallacies, conclusions, and premises as well as correcting fallacies.

Using the  Unit V Assignment Template , review the dialogue (short conversation) between three people. Identify four fallacies, along with the four premises and conclusions leading up to the fallacies identified. In the first column, identify the fallacy present. In the second column, identify the conclusion of the fallacious argument, and in the third column identify the premises, or the reasons offered for the conclusion. In the last column, propose some ways to counter this fallacy. You should have a total of four fallacies, four conclusions, four premises, and four counters to correct the fallacies. All fallacies must come from Chapter 8 of our textbook.

View the  Unit V Sample Dialogue and Template for an example of how your completed assignment should look. APA Style will not be required for this assignment, and no outside resources are required.

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