Unit 4 assignment 2 business communication

Task 2 Electronic and non-electronic communication methods



2.1 You must explain in a written summary how the new technologies have changed/enhanced communication methods, using examples


2.2 You must list all the forms of communication that McDonalds use. Then categorize them into electronic vs non-electronic communication


2.3 For each form of communication you have identified, describe an example of where it could be used and who it is aimed at. You must give examples that covers different types of audiences.             (P7)


Know how to communicate business information using appropriate methods

Audience requirements: e.g. age, gender, ethnicity, special needs, readability, legibility, attention span, accessibility, interest, distraction avoidance, business experience and knowledge, industry-related experience and knowledge


Methods of written communication: e.g. letter, memorandum, fax, invoice, flow charts, publicity material, email and screen based, SMS (short message service), www (worldwide web)


Methods of non-written communication: e.g. telephone call, video conferencing


Technologies: computers; touch screens; digital broadcasting; DVD (digital versatile/video disc); mobile phones; the internet and WAP (wireless application protocol)


Communication skills: formal/informal; verbal/non-verbal; listening; understanding; seeking clarification; responsiveness; eye contact; facial expressiveness; body language; use of appropriate professional language; ability to adapt communication techniques to audience requirements; presentation skills; ability to invite commitment to shared goals




This provides evidence for P7

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