Unit 2 guided practice 3: use “while” loop | introduction to programming | ECPI University


We’re going to jump right into our first loop.  Additionally, we’re going to handle characters (rather than numbers).  This program asks the user if they want to continue running the loop.  As long as they don’t answer “Y” or “N” the loop continues.

Notice we also introduce the && symbol to mean “AND” and we’re using a char variable.  

Here’s the Flowchart:

And here is the code:

And here is the output:

Now, re-create the flowchart in Flowgorithm and run the code in your Dev C++ compiler.

Upload your flowgorithm file, .c file, and a screen shot of your code output saved in a Word document including the path name directory at the top of the screen into the dropbox for grading.

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