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The critiques you write must be at least two (2) pages typed, using the following practices.

  • 1” margins
  • 12 point font (Times New Roman or Arial is preferred)
  • Single spacing within paragraphs, double spacing between paragraphs
  • You can decide what format you’d prefer to write in (M L A, CHICAGO, ETC). Whichever format you select, make sure that you follow whatever one you select. 

Make sure to title your critique Critique of NAME OF PLAY by AUTHOR (Full-Length play titles should be italicized.)

And here is the first sentence of your critique…just plug in the particulars of the performance you saw.

On date of performance, I attended name of theater’s production of name of play by name of playwright and directed by name of director.

Start with this sentence and then get right into setting up your thesis statement.

Since you are going to include ActingDesign, and Storytelling in each of your critiques, your thesis statement might look something like this:

The production of the name of play (was successful, failed, mostly worked–in other words, the overall success or failure of the production–it may even do both) based on the (description) acting, the (description) design and the (description) storytelling elements.

(Don’t just copy this sentence, it’s meant to be used it as a guide. You might include another element, but you must include Acting, Design, and Storytelling–although they don’t have to be in that order.)

Once you have your thesis statement in that your Introduction, then move on to the first element of your thesis.

Overall, your critique will have 5 sections:

Section 1–about 1st element of your thesis
Section 2–about 2nd element of your thesis
Section 3–about 3rd element of your thesis

Grading will be based on the format, length, and appropriateness/completeness of the material discussed.

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