Testing and assessment strategies paper | CMGT431 Information Systems Security | University of Phoenix

Part II: Security Controls Testing
Provide a 2- to 3-page table in Microsoft Word including each family, and describe the testing procedure that will mitigate the vulnerability. Annotate whether the testing procedure is an interview, observation, technical test, or a combination.

Example of Security Controls Testing Table:
Example of Security Controls Testing Table

Part III: Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning
Provide a 1-page description of penetration testing and vulnerability scanning processes that would apply to an application that would be used by the organization as part of its critical business processes. For example, an educational institution using a student roster and class registration tracking software would need to scan it for vulnerability and protect the data from hackers and data manipulation.

Describe how they are used as part of the organization’s testing and assessment strategy.

Format your all references and citations according to APA guidelines. Given that this is an academic assignment, additional research outside of the class materials to support the assertions in the document is expected.

Submit your assignment in a single Microsoft Word document.

My organization is a bank. Everything MUST be related to the banking industry.

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