Select two advertisements and describe the needs identified by

Due Friday 2/24/17 at Noon Pacific std time


Motivation is the inward drive we have to get what we need. In the mid-1900s, Abraham Maslow, an

American psychologist, developed the hierarchy of needs.


1. Select two advertisements and describe the needs identified by Abraham Maslow that each ad addresses.

2. Analyze the advertisement using the concepts of marking and consumer segmentation, and discuss how it aligns to the organization’s mission.

3. Find an international version of an advertisement for one of the products.

4. What differences do you detect in the international version of the ad?  How did the underlying aspects of marketing and psychology utilize in the advertisement change? 


Note: Please review my expectations for the assignment.  I expect your response to include 2 or more credible academic references and be presented in APA Format.  Deliverable length is a minimum of 2 pages. TURNITIN WILL BE USED TO CHECK FOR ORIGINALITY PLEASE CITE ALL REFERENCES CORRECTLY.




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