Security breaches in the news

Security Breaches in the News

A major data breach may be one of the most serious types of security incidents, which may result in legal and regulatory sanctions as well as serious reputational damage to an organization’s brand.

Provide a brief summary of an instance where a company fell victim to a major data breach. (Please be sure to first read all the posts in this discussion to date so that you are reviewing a company whose data breach incident has not already been covered by a classmate.)

Discuss the features that characterize the data breach. Describe the salient features of the attack, when and how the breach incident was discovered, the data that was illegally accessed, and the consequences of the breach to the organization and the actions taken in its wake.

Please choose one company who was victimized by a significant data breach from the following list, or you may choose to discuss a data breach incident with which you were professionally involved:


Adult Friend Finder.


Ashley Madison.



Heartland Payment Systems.

Home Depot.

JP Morgan Chase.

National Security Agency (NSA).

RSA Security.

Sony’s PlayStation Network.

TJX Companies, Inc.



US Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

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