Purpose this assignment will help you grasp the features of social


This assignment will help you grasp the features of social problems distinct from private troubles. You will 

  • Identify and explain the various sociological theories.
  • Demonstrate their application of the each of the theories in explaining social problems.
  • Describe the different domain assumptions of each of the theories.
  • Explain the working concepts specific to each of the theories.
  • Utilize empirical evidence in claims-making.

Identify a human induced condition. (Examples: environmental pollution, violence etc).

Do the following:

  1. Explain three characteristics that qualify the named human condition as a Social Problem with supporting evidence.
  2. Describe the named social problem via the lenses of two sociological theories
  3. Utilize three related working concepts and definitions in your analysis for each theory.


Formatting:  It is important that you cite and reference all your sources following the APA (7th edition) st\

Length: about 2-3 pages. Strive for quality over quantity.

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