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This assignment consists of four parts that must be saved and submitted as one document. Click here to access the template for this assignment.

Note: This assignment may require the use of Microsoft Project or similar software. If you do not have MS Project or similar software, please click the following link to access a free trial version of MS Project:

Part 1

Develop an in-depth schedule for the project you selected and used to develop the statement of work and work breakdown structure (WBS) in Unit III. Please refer to the Integrated Project in Chapter 10 on page 363 (Developing the Project Schedule) of the textbook for more information. Be sure to include the following components: an activity precedence diagram, an activity duration table, and a network diagram and Gantt charts.

Part 2

Please complete Case Study 10.1: Project Scheduling at Blanque Check Construction on page 360 of the textbook, and answer the three questions at the end. Please make sure that each question is answered thoroughly using a minimum of 200 words for each case study question.

Part 3

Develop a network activity chart, and identify the critical path for a project based on the information provided in the Gantt chart below. Draw the activity network as a Gantt chart. What is the expected duration of the project?

ActivityExpected DurationPredecessorA5 days—-B10 daysAC8 daysAD1 dayAE5 daysB, CF10 daysD, EG14 daysFH3 daysGI12 daysFJ6 daysH, I

Part 4

Using the information provided in the Gantt chart below, construct the project activity network using the activity-on-node (AON) methodology, and label each node. Identify the critical path and other paths through the network.


Your paper should be no less than four pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations and be formatted according to APA guidelines.

DQ question

Assume that your organization is implementing a new employee orientation training, and you are responsible for organizing it. How could the critical path method (CPM) and the program evaluation and review technique (PERT) assist you?

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