Project management ch 4 | Operations Management homework help



1.The method used to collect information to use through all phases of the project life cycle is called
  A) Responsibility matrix
  B) Organization breakdown structure
  C) Work breakdown structure
  D) Priority matrix
  E) Work package

The first step in creating the necessary information to manage a project is to
  A) Establish project priorities
  B) Define the project scope
  C) Verify the budget available
  D) Assign team members to work on the project
  E) Determine the required completion date

Research shows the most frequently mentioned barrier to project success is
  A) Not enough budget resources
  B) Poor performance by team members
  C) Weak project leadership
  D) Poorly defined scope or mission
  E) Political in-fighting

An expected output over the life of a project would be classified as
  A) A deliverable
  B) A product
  C) An end object
  D) An objective
  E) A target

The ability of 911 emergency systems to identify the caller’s phone number and location are considered to be a
  A) Technical requirement
  B) Milestone
  C) Project limit
  D) Project exclusion
  E) Project deliverable

“To construct a high-quality, custom home within five months at costs not to exceed $150,000” is best classified as
  A) A deliverable
  B) A milestone
  C) An objective
  D) A limit
  E) An exclusion

Which of the following is not one of the basic classifications of project priorities?
  A) Profit
  B) Cost
  C) Time
  D) Performance
  E) All of these are basic classifications

If a project criterion indicates that the project must meet a specific date, that criterion is classified as
  A) Constrained
  B) Enhanced
  C) Accepted
  D) Limited
  E) Fixed

The tool used to assist in making project trade-offs between schedule, budget, and performance objectives is called a
  A) Responsibility matrix
  B) Work breakdown structure
  C) Project priority matrix
  D) Work package
  E) Criterion matrix
The highest element in the hierarchical breakdown of the WBS is
  A) A work package
  B) Sub deliverables
  C) A cost account
  D) Major deliverables
  E) The project
All of the following are usually included in a work package except
  A) What will be done?
  B) The time needed to complete the work
  C) A single person who is responsible for its completion
  D) All the costs for the work package
  E) All of these are included in a work package
The final step in the creation of a Work Breakdown Structure is to
  A) Code the WBS for tracking
  B) Assign the cost account to a manager
  C) Assign the work package to a manager
  D) Develop the responsibility matrix
  E) All of these are included in the final step
The intersection of the WBS and the OBS is called the
  A) Responsibility matrix
  B) Priority matrix
  C) Work package
  D) Cost account
  E) Project overlap
If a project is small or of narrow scope and does not require an elaborate system, which of the following is a good choice?
  A) Responsibility matrix
  B) Organization breakdown structure
  C) Work breakdown structure
  D) Priority matrix
  E) Process breakdown structure
The tendency for the project deliverables to expand over time-usually by changing requirements, specifications, and priorities-is called:
  A) Scope erosion
  B) Scope creep
  C) Project bloat
  D) Scope enhancement
  E) Project add-ons

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