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1. Look through the sample email on the following page and use it as a guide to create your own.

2. Identify the “customer(s)” for your project by considering who will benefit from the project, who will pay for it, and who needs to be informed of progress as the project moves forward. In the blank email on page 3, fill in the “To:” field with the name of your customer(s).  

3. Fill in the “From:” field with your name, then fill in the subject line with a concise description of your emails so your customer(s) know what the message is about.

4. In the body of your email, write a note to your customer(s) recapping what was discussed in the imagined Agreement of Work meeting you’ve just had, including:

a. the goals and objectives of the project. 

b. a tentative deadline for the project. 

c. an initial idea of what resources will be needed to successfully complete the project. 

5. In your email, include and highlight the following seven key terms from the textbook, using each term correctly and in a professional context: 

a. “Project” and “project management” from chapter 1 

b. “Classification” from chapter 2 

c. “Dedicated project team” from chapter 3 

d. “Project scope,” “milestone,” and “acceptance criteria” from chapter 4 

6. Your email should be clear, well-organized, and formatted according to SWS style. Your email should be between 300 and 500 words, and should use accurate grammar, mechanics, and spelling.

7. Cite the textbook as your source on the “Sources” page of this template document. Format your citation according to the Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). 

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