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This week, you will have an opportunity to practice identifying price strategies for six different products and services. Fill out the below table and submit it to Waypoint as the journal requirement for this week. You can access the table by downloading the Week 3 Journal Entry Download Week 3 Journal Entrytemplate.

Brand, Product, or ServiceName Pricing Strategy from Table 5.3Pricing Strategy Definition and UseYour Rationale for the Pricing Strategy SelectionRoyal TreatmentLinks to an external site.
Pet grooming and pet spa services for dogs and cats

Custom ShoesLinks to an external site.
Converse customizable shoes

A restaurant’s designed three-course dinner package for couples on February 14 of each year (Valentine’s Day).PearlsAndLavenderLinks to an external site.
Handmade ceramic and brass jewelry offered by a self-employed designer on EtsySouthwest AirlinesLinks to an external site.
The world’s largest low-cost carrierOff-season hotel room prices on weekdays

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