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Instead of assigning a traditional exam for your “Final Exam”,  you will demonstrate your understanding of the importance of the final  two phases of the Data Analytics Lifecycle: Communicating the Results  and Operationalizing. You have studied various analytic methods, along  with surveying various available tools and techniques. But as a Data  Scientist, you must also communicate what your team has accomplished.
For your Final “Exam”, you will create a Final Sponsor  Presentation. You have been hired by Aetna to use big data to improve  patient health. The case study you will use can be found at: https://gigaom.com/2012/11/20/how-aetna-is-using-big-data-to-improve-patient-health/ .
Your assignment is to take this case study and create a  PowerPoint Presentation of the Final Sponsor Presentation, as described  in Chapter 12 of your text. (Make sure to use the format presented in  Chapter 12.)
You will submit a PowerPoint Presentation file (ppt or pptx) with  at least the following slides: (You can submit more, but I’m mainly  looking for these six slides)

  1. Title (Your name + other info)
  2. Situation and Project Goals
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Approach
  5. Method Description
  6. Recommendations
  7. Note: There is no direct information in the case study that  covers the specific analytics methods used. You will extrapolate from  the provided information in the case study and provide your own  interpretation of the method (or methods) the Data Science team used.  Draw from what we have covered this semester and map what you learned to  what that team probably did. There is no rubric for this assignment. I  want you to be as creative as possible. Tell the story. Inspire your  sponsors. 


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