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As a criminal justice professional, you have been wanting to teach as a part-time adjunct at a community college. You applied to a local community college, the program director of the criminal justice program has called you for an interview, and it is finally your chance to earn the adjunct teaching position you want so badly. The program director asks you to bring a PowerPoint (with speaker notes) to the interview and be prepared to present a short lesson. As luck would have it, the topic the program director assigns you happens to be a topic you just researched!

Prepare a 12–15-slide PowerPoint presentation (with an additional slide as a title slide and additional slides as a reference section) based upon your Research Paper. Each slide must have 100–150 words of bulleted or paragraph speaker notes. The notes may be associated with your Research Paper. However, the notes must not merely be a 100% cut and paste of your Research Paper. A minimum of 5 scholarly sources and the Holy Bible must be used. These sources may be the same as the sources you used in your Research Paper or new sources expanding upon your research. The sources must be reflected in the speaker notes, slides, and reference section slide(s). The title slide and the reference section slide(s) will not count toward the 12–15-slide requirement. Additionally, you must use animations, transitions, and graphics to reflect graduate level research. Review the grading rubric when forming your presentation.

**I attached the research paper that needs to be turned into a PowerPoint

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