Pick and discuss (support) an operating system + discuss 2 things

Each assignment should be atleast 300+ words and follow the instructions correctly. I can provide the chapters for the 2nd assignment (10 and 11) on request.




1st Discussion Assignment
You are an IT support person who needs to have a good set of tools for making operating system decisions rather quickly. In this hypothetical, pick the desktop operating system you are charged with supporting (Windows XP, WIndows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Mac OSX, or another of your choice.). In addition to the vendor site, locate three other web-based resources that you will use to support your chosen operating.

In your posting

·         identify and describe the Operating System and version that you are supporting

·         identify and describe the main vendor site that provides you with useful information

·         identify , describe and rate three other web-based resources


2nd Discussion Assignment
Summarize two things you learned about Unix/Linux and Windows 2000 from reading sections from Chapters 10 & 11. Disclose any bias and state your opinion about the issues addressed in these chapters.


Your submission should be substantial (250 words or more), properly formatted, grammatically correct, and free of spelling errors.

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