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Your first paper will be about the article “The Clan of One-Breasted Women” 

The author is implying some things in the article. In your paper, tell your audience what it is that the author is implying. However, do not make this a summary of the paper. Instead, briefly describe what are the main points the author is trying to get across. 

After this, think back in your own life to where there might have been a situation with similar circumstances to what is implied in the article. Include your situation in your paper. In a sense you are doing a comparison between what was implied in the article to what happened in your own life. The author is revealing something in the essay and you need to compare it to the new thing that was discovered during your experience. Then, you need to make an assertion about what you found in common between the essay and your own life. This will be your thesis statement. You will back this assertion up by providing examples from the article and your own life using PIE.

This paper should be typed in MLA format. 97 students should have at least two pages

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