Ols 30000: safety and health in engineering technologies assignment

Purdue University Calumet

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OLS 30000: Safety and Health in Engineering Technologies


Assignment 2 – Mil-Tech – Ethics in Safety

This assignment has two parts: Part 1: Your responses to two questions and Part 2: One page report.

Missing ANY component will lead to “0” point for an entire assignment. Therefore, please read instructions carefully.

TASK: Read “Mil-Tech” case study found in your textbook within the ethic chapter. Upon completion of reading, each student is to submit a paper answering the following questions in a CONSTRUCTIVE manner.

QUESTION 1)  Discuss what it is you think might happen with each of the following actions that Garcia attempts. (Provide your response in a paragraph format for each action):

1) Garcia goes to his boss and explains that he has become aware of the company’s intentions to use the more toxic paint. He expresses his concerns on three points (a) the potential impact on exposed employees; (b) the potential liability beyond Workers’ Comp and; (c) the fact that he was not included in the discussions about this material.  (Be sure to support your thoughts.)

2) Garcia gets rebuffed when he takes this information to his boss, so he decides to go to the union and tip them off as to the company’s plans. (Be sure to support your thoughts.)

3) Garcia decides to go to OSHA and inform them of the company’s intentions to use the more toxic paint without properly training the employees and informing them of the potential hazards. (Be sure to support your thoughts.)

QUESTIONS 2) If you were Garcia, what would you do or what kind of approach would you take? Be sure to apply information you obtain from the lecture/textbook to support your approach. In other words, describe HOW and WHY you would approach as you indicated in your document.




Based on our lecture, each student will need to prepare one page report of what you have done/identified under Part 1 above. First, select a type of one page report (Refer to One Page Report lecture). Second develop one page report.  


SUBMISSION of Part 1 and Part 2: Once you complete both Part 1 and Part 2, please submit both documents as one document (See below) through appropriate assignment link (Where you obtain this instruction) in the Blackboard as an attachment.


One Document. Each student should have two document (Part 1 and Part 2). When you ATTACH your document (or submit through the Blackboard), please combine them as one document. If Part 2 is in horizontal format, you must learn how to make Part 1 being vertical and Part 2 being horizontal.(You can do so using Page Break function within MS Word.)



·         Make sure your document has proper file name.

·         Sending your assignment as an email attachment is NOT accepted.

·         Not following the format will lead to 0.

·         Not including requested item(s) will lead to 0.

·         Going “Above and Beyond” such as including additional relevant information will lead to extra credit(s).


If you have any question, please feel free to contact your instructor.





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