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NURS 6540 Final Exam / NURS6540 Final Exam (Latest): Walden University

Question 1

How does women’s anatomy make them more susceptible to UTIs?

Question 2

The primary endocrine disorders affecting women are diabetes mellitus and:

Question 3

A common prenatal care model in which women have their first visit with one provider and then subsequent visits in a group setting is called:

Question 4

When is round ligament pain most likely to occur in pregnant women?

Question 5

0 out of 2 points

Optimal weight gain during pregnancy is based on the woman’s prepregnant BMI and:

Selected Answer: 

c. Nutritional assessment

Question 6

In the formula to estimate gestational age, woman are considered pregnant from: ___________________________

Selected Answer: 

a. The first day of the last menstrual period

Question 7

Gender differences in heart disease can be found in:

Selected Answer: 

d. All of the above

Question 8

What distinguishes pyelonephritis from cystitis?

Selected Answer: 

b. The infection has ascended to the kidneys.

Question 9

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What has changed in terms of recommended antibiotic treatment for uncomplicated lower UTIs?

Selected Answer: 

b. Three times a day of oral antibiotics are now recommended.

Question 10

Carbohydrate intolerance and increased insulin resistance first recognized in pregnancy is known as:

Selected Answer: 

b. Gestational diabetes

Question 11

All except which of the following are important historical questions for a 29-year-old woman in clinic for right-sided weakness?

Selected Answer: 

d. History of pelvic inflammatory disease

Question 12

When can relief from pregnancy induces nausea and vomiting be expected?

Selected Answer: 


12–14 weeks’ gestation

Question 13

What is a common cause of leg cramps during pregnancy?

Selected Answer: 

a. An imbalance of calcium and magnesium

Question 14

What is the leading cause of first-trimester maternal death?

Selected Answer: 

a. Ectopic pregnancy

Question 15

What do current theories suggest as to how cranberry products can reduce UTIs?

Selected Answer: 

b. The fructose keeps E. coli bacteria from adhering to bladder cell walls.

Question 16

Screening for hyperlipidemia is recommended to begin at what age for women with no risk factors?

Selected Answer: 

c. 45

Question 17

Without treatment shortly after birth, as many as 90 percent of infants born to hepatitis B–infected mothers will:

Selected Answer: 

d. Become infected

Question 18

After how many weeks’ gestation is a pregnancy loss considered a fetal death or stillbirth?

Selected Answer: 

c. 20 weeks

Question 19

What is the general goal of surgical treatment for stress UI?

Selected Answer: 

d. To support and stabilize the urethra

Question 20

What is more likely to occur in women with female genital cutting?

Selected Answer: 

b. Birth-related complications

Question 21

What is an indication of the second stage of labor?

Selected Answer: 

a. Complete dilation of the cervix

Question 22

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How are pregnancy-related DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) needs best met?

Selected Answer: 

b. By taking a prenatal vitamin supplement

Question 23

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Qualitative urine testing for hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) can be done reliably ________ days after implantation of the blastocyst (fertilized egg).

Selected Answer: 

c. 9–14 days

Question 24

What is the most common cause of death in women in the United States?

Selected Answer: 

b. Cardiovascular disease

Question 25

What is the most common cause of medical complications in pregnancy?

Selected Answer: 



Question 26

What is the term for a postpartum disorder in which bacteria ascend from the lower genital tract and infect the uterus?

Selected Answer: 

b. Postpartum endometritis

Question 27

At what time during pregnancy does nausea typically occur?

Selected Answer: 

b. At 6–8 weeks’ gestation

Question 28

What is considered to be a common trigger of psoriasis?

Selected Answer: 

a. Stress

Question 29

Any woman with a complicated cystitis or symptoms of upper tract disease needs a urine culture and:

Selected Answer: 

a. Sensitivity test

Question 30

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What is a potential benefit of circumcision?

Selected Answer: 


Decreased incidence of urinary tract infections

Question 31

How does the third stage of labor end?

Selected Answer: 

b. With the delivery of the placenta

Question 32

What is the most common disorder leading to hyperthyroidism?

Selected Answer: 

b. Graves’ disease

Question 33

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Which of the following is a predictor of impending preterm birth?

Selected Answer: 

b. Cervical length less than 15 mm

Question 34

What is important to consider when vaginal bleeding occurs during the first trimester?

Selected Answer: 

b. Ectopic pregnancy

Question 35

What is significant about cytomegalovirus (CMV)?

Selected Answer: 

b. It can remain dormant within the body for life.

Question 36

What step can a clinician take to learn more about any chemicals used in a woman’s workplace?

Selected Answer: 

c. Ask the woman to obtain her workplace MSDs (material safety data sheets).

Question 37

What is the most typical schedule of prenatal care in the first 28 weeks of pregnancy?

Selected Answer: 

d. Visits scheduled every 4 weeks

Question 38

What significantly increases the risk of hypertension in women?

Selected Answer: 

a. The onset of menopause

Question 39

What is the potential danger of a fetus born through meconium-stained amniotic fluid?

Selected Answer: 

b. The infant can breathe meconium into the lungs.

Question 40

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What was the reason that prenatal care began in the early 1900s?

Selected Answer: 

b. To predict preterm births

Question 41

What is the most common type of UTI that affects women?

Selected Answer: 

a. Acute bacterial cystitis

Question 42

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Fever associated with pyelonephritis will usually resolve within how many hours of treatment with antibiotics?

Selected Answer: 


24 hours

Question 43

How can hormonal influences during pregnancy cause backache?

Selected Answer: 

a. They loosen ligaments and joints.

Question 44

What tends to cause acne in adolescence?

Selected Answer: 

d. An increase in testosterone

Question 45

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The majority of early pregnancy losses are due to:

Selected Answer: 


Chromosomal abnormalities

Question 46

What can be used as a space-filling device, replacing normal pressure on the vaginal walls when levator ani support is unreliable?

Selected Answer: 

b. Tampons

Question 47

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What is the term for stimulation of the uterus by an external agent to enhance uterine contractions after labor has started?

Selected Answer: 

b. Induction

Question 48

What should be addressed during late postpartum maternal evaluation (weeks 2–6)?

Selected Answer: 

b. The need for birth control information or supplies

Question 49

In order to maintain continence bladder pressure must be

Selected Answer: 

b. equal to the pressure of the urethral sphincter.

Question 50

What is a contributor to the increased incidence of heartburn during pregnancy?

Question 51

When completing this quiz, did you comply with Walden University’s Code of Conduct including the expectations for academic integrity?

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