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Write a program and flowchart, and include a snippet of your program running.ECPI has rented a Cruise Boat for its upcoming graduating class! You work at ECPI, and have been asked to manage the reservations for students and their families. You need to write a program that tracks the ages of at least 2 students and their families; as well as the meal plans they have selected. The program will achieve the following:

  • Track the ages of at least 2 parties – Student and family member(s
    • We need to capture ages, to know what each family member can participate in
    • Based off the age,  the price of the ticket per guest.  Sum up the cost of tickets per family.   Example,   $1000/adults,  $500/child,  $850/Seniors
  • Track the meal plans they have selected per party
    • Each family/party can select a meal plan per day; and your program must track those costs
  • Once you have included the Meal Plans, and the prices:
    • Calculate the total cost for the Meal Plans selected
    • And then the total cost of both meal plans


The program you write should include these components at a minimum. Remember though: Get creative, and feel free to add different components that you feel are applicable in a Cruise Reservation program.

  1. You must have at least two different arrays – These are, in effect, parallel arrays:
    1. One for each Family/Party capturing the ages of every person in the reservation
      1. Minimum: 4 Families
    2. One for each Meal Plan Options selected
      1. Each family should have a meal plan included  
        1. Meal Plans can be, for example, breakfast, lunch and supper and should include just the prices for each one
        2. create and display a menu to see choices and prices
    3. ** Please note:
      1. The image below does not reflect the menu or the ticket cost 
      2. i. The arrays are for two families; and two meal plans, including the prices for each of the meals chosen
  2. Remember to use a “for” loop for each array
  3. You should have Totals that calculates the totals for each family meal plan
    1. Because you will have at 4 Parties/Families, all should have their own price totals; and then also a total for the meal plans reserved and ticketing
  4. Hints and Suggestions:
    1. You can set your own book prices – for example, see the prices in the example below
    2. You can set how many Meal Plans included for each section
      1. You can also write the program to ask the user for this input, but this is not required
  5. At the end, it prints out the totals for each section
  6. The very last total of all Meal Plans and ticket totals should be printed in a different color – so it really stands out


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