Mk351 research paper | Marketing homework help


Using social media as a marketing tool is a topic we often read about. Researching an approach a particular company has taken with respect to this means of product/service promotion will provide you with additional insight.

Unit Learning Outcomes 

  • ULO 6: Explain e-commerce’s effect on buying firms, the companies they do business with, where they are located, and the prices they charge. (CLO 1)


At the end of Unit 2, a 1600 word paper is due that summarizes your research with respect to how a particular business has utilized e-commerce, social media, etc., to successfully market its products/services. Your research can consist of article reviews, internet research, etc.



  • Your paper must follow APA format.
  • Name your file with your name, and paper 1 i.e. Jones paper 1 or Brown paper 1.
  • Your file should be in either Microsoft word (.doc or .docx) or rich text (.rtf) format.
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