Mgt585-how to motivate fred maiorino case

Write 6 Pages double space with the exception of recommendation and reference page. References not less than 7  good quality research papers to substantiate the discussion and add value to the extant literature in the field of study. Review the attached journal and practice case

Case 2: How to Motivate Fred Maiorino? (100 Points)

You may or may not agree with Schering-Plough’s actions to terminate Fred because he was a 

recalcitrant, “over the hill” salesman who was not performing up to their standards. They claimed that they

made an effort to help him get higher numbers. Analyze what Schering-Plough and Jim Reed did to 

motivate Fred, why it did or did not work, etc. In this “Analysis” section, discuss as many important 

motivation-related issues as you can so that you complete a thorough analysis. Also, make sure that you 

include as much reference support as possible in order to back up your discussion. In a separate section 



, I would also like you to recommend some other things that the company 

and Jim Reed could have done to increase Fred’s motivation. Be thorough in your discussion and provide

reference support for your recommendations. Include the full citations for all of your references on your 


page at the end of your analysis, following the APA Guidelines that I provided you in Doc 

Sharing. You will be evaluated in accordance with the grading rubric provided at the end of this document.

Submit this assignment to the Case 1 Assignment dropbox. Don’t forget to submit your case to (without the reference page/pages) prior to submitting the complete case (with the reference 

page/pages) to the dropbox.

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