Memo responses due 12 hours time warner case study: economics


General Instructions:

After you read the Time Warner Case Study, take a look at the accompanying 13 Memos.

Take a quick review of all the memos to get a “feel” for the general issues involved.   Your mission,  should you decide to accept it,  is to tackle the following memos:

3, 5, 11,  and 12.

Please answer directly and be to the point.  An economy of style is appreciated but that does not mean you have to skip over points you deem pertinent.    Please note:  You are not required to look up journal literature to answer the questions.   However,  you may use the internet as a tool to help you answer the questions in the same way you may use the textbook and your notes.  Enter the memo responses by number in BB.   You can attach a Word file or enter your answer directly into the text box.

Memo 3 will set the stage for answering the other memos. The remaining memos, 5,  are concerned with various aspects of competitive strategy and pricing.  

In memo 5,  you are asked about selective discounting as a strategy.

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