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Liberty University RGLN 105 Test 7



 RLGN 105


Test 7



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·         Time limit: 30 minutes

·         25 true/false and multiple-choice questions

·         Open-book/open-notes

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·         Question 1

3 out of 3 points

With a biblical worldview, your views on issues like abortion and euthanasia should be shaped by what fact about human beings?

·         Question 2

3 out of 3 points

Science is clear that from conception onward, a living human being exists.

·         Question 3

3 out of 3 points

Rae suggests that legalizing PAS could have a positive impact in that it encourages society to provide more healthcare for the elderly.

·         Question 4

3 out of 3 points

The phrase from the Book of Judges that best sums up what a naturalistic worldview application looks like: “Every man did what is right in his own eyes.”

·         Question 5

3 out of 3 points

Emotional attachment is as important as moral status.

·         Question 6

3 out of 3 points

________________________ is NOT given by Rae as a reason the Christian worldview clarifies a virtuous life.

·         Question 7

3 out of 3 points

In relation to a worldview, what is ethics?

·         Question 8

3 out of 3 points

Self- righteousness is needed if we are to avoid moral failure in our lives.

·         Question 9

3 out of 3 points

Eugenic type test results are often used in the decision to end a pregnancy.

·         Question 10

3 out of 3 points

According to Rae, sophisticated ultrasound technology has helped in shifting some people to be more in favor of the unborn child.

·         Question 11

3 out of 3 points

What constitutes a person (personhood) is  a __________________ question

·         Question 12

3 out of 3 points

According to Rae, a belief that a new human life begins at conception (fertilization) also has ethical impact of one’s view of areas such as embryonic stem cell research.

·         Question 13

3 out of 3 points

What 1973 Supreme Court decision made abortion on demand legal in the United States

·         Question 14

3 out of 3 points

Accountability and repentance are critical to cultivating virtue

·         Question 15

3 out of 3 points

Living virtuously and a good life are still connected.

·         Question 16

3 out of 3 points

A “Utilitarian” approach to ethics proposed by Jeremy Bentham and Stuart Mill seeks to determine right and wrong by ___________________________.

·         Question 17

3 out of 3 points

According to the worldview application video, human beings naturally seek what they believe to be good for them, but that does not mean that what they seek is actually good for them.

·         Question 18

3 out of 3 points

Rae believes that the being made in the “image of God” (Genesis 1:26-27) is essential to the Christian worldview regarding the sanctity of life.

·         Question 19

3 out of 3 points

Society today suggest several way to “Cultivate Virtue”.

·         Question 20

3 out of 3 points

A person who does not know Jesus can exhibit virtuous traits and behaviors and can even be considered a good person.

·         Question 21

3 out of 3 points

___________________ means that the unborn child has developed to a stage where it can survive outside of the womb.

·         Question 22

3 out of 3 points

Only religious people try to impose their morality and views on culture.

·         Question 23

3 out of 3 points

The long-standing tradition and basis of “sanctity of life”, is that human life has _______________ value.

·         Question 24

3 out of 3 points

Many Christians claim to have a biblical worldview but are inconsistent in their ethics.

·         Question 25

3 out of 3 points

The two questions everyone should answer about a worldview application are “Do I have a biblical worldview?” and “Am I applying it consistently to life’s issues?”

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