Liberty university hius 221 quiz 8


Liberty University HIUS 221 Quiz 8


1.       How did the war affect women in both the North and South?

2.       In the Draft Riots in New York City, mobs turned their violence on

Selected Answer: African Americans.

3.       Legislation passed during the Civil War gave the federal government the power to do which of the following for the first time?

4.       Which of the following best characterizes the Confiscation Acts?

5.       General Sherman’s capture of which city in 1864 helped to ensure the reelection of President Lincoln?

6.       According to the Emancipation Proclamation, emancipation would not go into effect on January 1, 1863 if

7.       Which of the following was NOT a border state that remained in the Union?

8.       Whom did President Lincoln name as commander of all Union forces in early 1864?

9.       The Trent Affair resulted in the threat of

10.   As North and South prepared for the Civil War, most people on both sides of the conflict thought that

11.   According to McClure, it was the deeper issue of power between the State and the Nation that created the conflict that led to war.

12.   According to McClure, what battle was the most decisive for the future of the Confederacy?

13.   McClure states that in order to be just to their country his listeners must

14.   McClure stated that the founders did not approve of slavery, but accepted the compromises in the Constitution because

15.   McClure stated that it was necessary for the Constitution to be a series of compromises.

Selected Answer: 

16.   McClure stated that the Civil War was the result of

17.   According to McClure, Lincoln waged the war not against slavery but for

18.   According to McClure, up to 1863, Lincoln would have accepted peace with the South without destroying the institution of slavery

Selected Answer: 

19.   A major outcome of the first Battle of Bull Run was

Selected Answer:

20.   Which statement about the Civil War is true?

Selected Answer: 

21.   What decision by the North early in the war encouraged enslaved African Americans to escape from the South to Union Army camps?

Selected Answer:

22.   What was the consequence for Sergeant William Walker of the 21st U.S. Colored Infantry when he had his men lay down their arms in protest over unequal pay?

Selected Answer:

23.   African Americans serving in the Union Army were not paid the same as their white counterparts because

Selected Answer: 

24.   Which of the following was a consequence of Pickett’s Charge?

Selected Answer: a heavy loss of lives for the charging Confederates

25.   According to the video presentation, where was the capitol of the Confederacy moved to after the secession of Virginia from the United States?

Selected Answer: 

26.   According to the video presentation, who was the President of the Confederate States?

Selected Answer: 

27.   According to the video presentation, what did the Civil War do for Northern businesses?

Selected Answer:

28.   According to the video presentation, what did the war do to the prices of everyday items in the Northern states?

Selected Answer:

29.   According to the video presentation, what was the name of the army under Robert E. Lee’s command?

Selected Answer: 

30.   According to the video presentation, what was the result of the skirmish at Sailor’s Creek?

Selected Answer: 

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