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This assignment focuses on race and ethnicity as social constructs.  Take a look at the video, “LetsOpenOurWorld,” at the link below.  Describe what is meant by race and ethnicity being a social construction.  Apply what you learned from this assignment to race/ethnic relations in the United States today.  Use any material from the Learning Module as it relates to the video in your work. Also, if you have had a genetic test like this done we would be interested in hearing about your results and how you felt about the outcome.

https://vimeo.com/169217127 is the link address

Your paper must be no less than 500 words in length.  Your papers can be longer if you want. You must use the most recent version of APA style (7th ed.) for your paper.  You do not need to provide an abstract or a title page.  Also, use in-text citations to document the use of your sources.  Provide a reference section for all of the sources used in your paper.  The reference page does not count in the word requirement for this assignment. Your submission must be a Word Doc (No PDF submissions) 

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