It infrastructure project: designing lan networks | BMIS 520 – IT Infrastructure | Liberty University

 Friendly Care Hospital  



· Written Requirements 

1. Introduction

2. Literature Review

3. Design Explanation

4. Conclusion

5. References

o Introduction

§ Introduce the primary goals and objectives of the project

§ Include more than 5 scholarly sources and 500 words in the Introduction and Conclusion combined. 

o Literature Review that supports the new system simulation, model, and design

§ Explanations of the design running configurations show mastery of each concept. The review of literature is related to the primary problems of the re-design. It thoroughly addresses system feasibility, performance, RAS (reliability, availability, serviceability), security, and disaster recovery

§ Over 1,000 words and 10 unique scholarly journal articles focusing on relevant research on the problems being addressed

§ Recommend new design additions based upon current literature

o Packet Tracer design explanation

§ Explain each of the additions and improvements

§ Use alternative protocols and services where necessary to emulate the best possible working infrastructure for the hospital within Packet Tracer

§ Reference the primary configurations and how these were developed

§ Include running configurations from routers/switches as appendices

o Conclusion

§ Highlight any limitations, managerial implications, and conclusions of the project deliverables and outcomes

o Totals words overall 2000 words

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