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Welcome to Week 3! Below is my (1) value stream map from a project conducted in Austin, Texas, and (2) Week 3 DQ responses. My focus will be on Process Block 3 – Review job leads with client.

Chin VSM

  • What process metrics are used in this process? Process metrics used in this process include assessing time (applicant-to-new hire conversion and applicant-to-new hire).
  • Describe any shortcomings such as delays, bottlenecks, or quality issues in the process. Within Process Block 3 – Review job leads with client, the issues are (1) delays due to juggling other priorities, (2).rework due to lack of clarity from the business, and (3) rework due to outdated jobs. Other issues include no standard approach in finding job leads and difficulty with finding jobs that match the individual’s skills, background, and ability.

Post your initial response by Wednesday, midnight of your time zone, and reply to at least 2 of your classmates’ initial posts by Sunday, midnight of your time zone.​

Have a wonderful week!

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Professor Chin


1. JWI550 Operational Excellence Lecture Notes. www.blackboard.strayer.edu

2. K. Martin et al. 2014. Value Stream Mapping.

1st person to respond to is Faith


Hello Professor and class on my journey through operational value stream used to serve customers using performance metrics, I would use the system known as KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure how a task is performed and if the goals are being meet. By using this system, it will give me relevant and attainable information. Tracking performance metrics provides a way for me to measure growth and development. Tracking performance metrics can drive planning for improvements, adjustments and changes to a business’s process to meet goals. Employee performance methods determine the employees’ productivity and efficiency in reaching established benchmarks that contribute to the overall growth of a business. Tracking employee performance metrics helps managers can influence adjustments or make necessary improvements to help employees reach their work goals. Using this method there will be different things I would be tracking quality to measure the quality of the employee performance to make sure great customer service is given, efficiency, and productivity. One of the shortcomings I think this plan would have been not always acting on it. KPIs can shape strategy and inform fact-based decision making inside businesses but only if those inside the business put the plan in motion. We as leaders always have the great ideas, but often time we do not fully go through with the plan, so then it becomes a waste of the people time and the company’s money. We also need to make sure that we challenge and always update the KPIs. Once the right KPIs have been designed, they are often never questioned or challenged in terms of whether they remain relevant, linked to strategy or continue to help the business be successful. It is important to make sure that you are always collecting the right information, collecting it often enough and are using what you collect. We need to make sure we always utilize the information that we have found.


JWI 550: Operational Excellence Week Three Lecture Notes

LinkedIn Learning: Value Stream Analysis

2nd person to respond to is Katrina


Hello Professor Chin and class

What process metrics are used in this process?

The process metrics used in this process are the assessment of time and how long it takes to complete the inspection and how long it takes to get the necessary parts from the supply.

Describe any shortcomings, such as delays, bottlenecks, or quality issues in the process.

Some of the shortcomings are bottlenecks, manning issues, and supply challenges. We tend to find ourselves with more aircraft to fit in the inspection process than we have space and manning allocated. On top of this, we face supply issues that hinder the inspection lead times and give a higher number of work-in-process (WIP) aircraft than we are allowed. All these delays create a bottleneck of aircraft within different stages of work.

  1. Roy D. Shapiro. September 12, 2013. Process Analysis.



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