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Topic: Achieving Justice in America


The Federal and State criminal justice systems share many commonalities and some differences, but both are intended to achieve the same goal—justice. How one defines “justice” impacts his or her view of whether a particular model is valid (crime control vs. due process), the system is flawed or properly balanced (fragmented or unified), and if a member of the courtroom work-group (judges, lawyers, law enforcement, etc.) is performing his/her role properly. Regardless of your opinion on these academic assessments, the criminal justice system is inherently adversarial and a criminal conviction requires each and every element of the offense charged to be proven by the government beyond a reasonable doubt.


Beginning with the Reading & Study material, discuss how each of the academic assessments impact the ability to ensure the guilty are punished, the innocent go free, and the means by which this is accomplished comports with the legal philosophy embodied by the United States Constitution and its English Common Law principles. Expand upon the provided material with scholarly research to augment the development of your position.


Need a 350-400 word paper, has to be APA style

Thoughtful analysis considering assumptions, analyzing implications, comparing/contrasting concepts

Thoughtful integration of at least 3 scholarly criminal Justice sources and thoughtful integration of Biblical world view and scripture component.


Ref: Neubauer, D.W.,&Fradella, H.F. (2014).America’s court and the criminal justice system (11th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson/Wadsworth.


Also need to respond with 200-250 words from other students post pertaining to the same subject

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