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Course is now finished. It’s time to look back and reflect on your learning in this class. 

Spend some time looking through the index of your commonplace book and reading all of your work, and answer the following questions — 2 pages double-spaced

  1. What do you notice?
  2. Are there some themes that catch your attention?
  3. Read the entries for recurring and captivating themes from your reflections and your applications. Write a few new sentences to add to your existing ideas on these point(s).
  4. Are you able to answer any questions you posed in these entries?
  5. How, if at all, has your thinking shifted on these themes and questions?
  6. Do you see a growth or change in your understanding?
  7. What kind of a growth or change is it?
  8. Were there any memorable moments of clarity or connection?
  9. At this stage go back and read all the entries you have not read yet and add anything you feel ought to be included in reflecting upon your learning this semester.
  10. What’s one thing/idea/concept you’d really like people to know about ritual?

Book I read in this class: Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko.

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