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Write a five-page minimum, MLA-formatted, double-spaced, analytical paper on the development of the (1) African American, (2)the Anglo American and (3)the Native American communities from the Civil War to WWI. Make sure to include a Works Cited page. Try to write about examples of inter-group actions as well as examples of the communities simply acting on their own behalf. Pretend someone asked you at a casual party what have you learned about these groups so far in the class. At this point in the course you should easily be able to answer that question so the challenge here is to write out that response.

This Midterm is meant to work with your weekly submissions in that you should look back at the work you have already turned in and craft a narrative that tells the story about each community within this very specific time period (Civil War to WW1).

Break your essay into these three main areas. Go through your weeklies and choose some of the most salient issues, figures and events of each community in order to document transformation over time. In other words, write about the changing status of each group. The transition from a slave society to a free one, the Westward movement and the new global capitalist reality was transformative for these groups of Americans. Reference our library homepage for the specifics of writing in MLA format.

This is a long period of time so break it down into specific milestones for each group. I suggest creating an outline first in order to give yourself a mental picture of the larger story and not get stuck on trying to write about each group as distinct groups. It is impossible to cover everything about each group so use your writing strategies to focus on events that highlight the development of each group.

THIS WEEKLY SUBMISSION IS NOT DUE!!! Focus on the midterm alone.


You are also required to properly quote Foner in a substantial manner at least five times. Remember to always interact with quotes, don’t just cite them on your paper without giving the context and analysis of the quote.

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