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The ethical implications of a leader’s role in the socialization of new hires into an organization is a heavy responsibility, especially considering that employees take their instructions/information from their leader about the behavior and work performance that’s expected of them. New hires come from the outside with their own beliefs about appropriate behavior, and they must reconcile the company’s expectations with their beliefs. Many companies set mandatory orienations for new hires, so they are fully knowlegable of the company’s expectations. To build its next-generation workforce, organizations have to actively recruit and train employees who excel at working in open, team-based environments. At the same time, leaders must build and support practices to help employees thrive, such as encouraging the development of unconventional teams, promoting experiential learning techniques and empowering the use of high-value employee networks (Berman, 2012). The socialization process preserves continuity for an organization, even as new hires come and go. As new hires become socialized, they learn the history, values, and culture of an organization. They also receive a sense of membership in the organization. Organizational socialization hold a huge impact leadership, which helps shape the culture. Culture in turn shapes leadership.


Saul J. Berman. (2012). How Corporate Culture Will Change in the Face of Openness. Fox Business.



Forum #2[2]:


Walt Disney and Wells Fargo are two of the largest companies that has contrasting corporate values. These two firms manifest very different cultures. Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence, is a workshop offered through the Disney Institute and organized by McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business in partnership with the Certified General Accountants of Ontario (CGA). The overall goal of this workshop is based on leadership excellence. According to the Disney Institute, the foundation for successful leaders is communication. To foster an engaged and collaborative company culture, the leader must encourage the creativity of his/her employees and create an environment in which it is safe and comfortable for them to share those ideas. As part of their guest satisfication, Disney uses a process known as “Guestology.” This is the process of understanding your customer’s needs, wants, emotions, and the preconceived notions they may have about your company. By understanding these elements, leaders can establish their company’s unique quality standards that can be used to measure the customer’s level of satisfaction. The values that I would bring to this organization will be professional, hard-working, mannerly, and cooperative. These values will fit in with the culture of this organzation because of the mindset that Walt Disney has is based on making the employees feel satisfied and appreciated, which they feel will lead to a more positive experience for customers.


Wells Fargo’s vision and values focuses on customers’ needs, core performance, and revenue growth. The ability to grow profits consistently is based on sustainable revenue growth. On the other hand, Wells Fargo’s approach on the true value of the customers, does not appear to be as truthful as they protrayed to be. According to ABC News, customers in California were “victimized” with illegal bank tactics such as having accounts opened in their names without their permission so employees can reach sales. This issue shows a sign of dishonest, desperate and failed to deliever true leadership. For those reasons, I know that my values that I would bring to this organization would clash. This is the type of company that will do what ever it takes to make a quick buck. I would not feel comfortable knowing that I work for a company that would rather be disloyal to valuable customers just to make a profit.


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[1] Main forum was: Discuss the ethical implications of a leader’s role in the socialization of new hires into the preexisting culture of an organization. What responsibility does a company have to inform newly hired persons that it wants to shape their values, perceptions, and behavior to conform to the organization’s culture? What impact does socialization have on both individual and organizational effectiveness?

[2] Main forum was: Max Points: 10.0


Contrast the corporate values espoused by two Fortune 500 companies. Select two firms that seem to manifest very different cultures. Your response should focus on the tradeoffs you would experience working in the two firms in terms of the values you bring to the workplace. How might your values fit in or clash with the culture of these two organizations? 



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