Finance project-9 page-on swap/option/forwards | Financial markets homework help

You will write a 9-page project in which you do three case studies. The case 

studies may or may not come from the Global Derivatives Debacles book. One case must be related to Forwards/Futures, one to swaps, and one to options. For this project,  you  will  choose  real-life  examples  and  will  find  in  practice  how 

companies/industries  use  the  financial  instruments  discussed  in  class.  My 

preference is for a description of how the use of a derivative was relevant in 

understanding a historical event (a financial crisis, a big company collapsing 

because of bad risk taking or fraud, how a city was rebuilt, or a war financed, 

how a historical circumstance gave rise to the creation a derivative…) Citing 

your sources will be crucial for a good grade. I want to see that you looked at 

financial  news  and  respectable  sources  to  find  the  information  needed.  The 

project can be written in groups of 2, or individually. 

*If, and only if, you turn in a case for “evaluation” before the exam for 

that section, I will give you feedback. All three cases must be turned in as 

one project at the end of the semester. 

Rubric for project grade:

– Good topic and supporting articles 


– Detailed and clear explanation


– Organized presentation and format


– Completeness & length


Info on project

If you choose to do as case study one of the stories in the suggested book, which I highly encourage, this suggestions are for you:

– Your case study should consist on: a brief summary of what happened plus a detailed answer to the questions at the end of the chapter. (Each story in the book ends with a list of questions that can be answered with the information in the chapter). 

– Skim all the cases and read twice the one you choose for each type of derivative. First, go through the details and try to figure out what happened. Write down what you don’t understand and come to my office to ask me. Then, go back to the chapter looking for the particular answers to the questions at the end. 

– Each case study should be around 3-4 pages, 1.5 or double spaced. Use times new roman or book antiqua,  size 12. 1-inch margins. Any graphs can be hand made, but very tidy. The graphs are not part of the 3-4 pages measure. 

– For the entire project (the 3 cases put together), do a cover page, and a content page. Put graphs/appendix at the end of each case. 

– Use your own words to explain things. I have the book, I don’t need you to type whole sentences from the chapter. I want your version, in your words, of what you understand happened. 

Due date: Dec 12 at noon. In my office. Printed copy. NO EMAILING. 

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