Final project | Marketing research

The project is ready, 1st file is the (Word) file called (MY WORK) & the 2nd one is the (Presentation) file called (My work (Presentation) ), both related to each other.

but these 2 files lack some things. you will have to add some additions and see what also missing regarding the examples that I will put with my project files and compare them.

I will explain what I want in each File:

1)  you will open the file called (MY WORK) and you will see a header called (Findings) you have to make it like the example that I will download, called (WORD EXAMPLE) see the findings and how the people did it & did the same, I just put the examples so that you understand exactly what I want in my project

so for (FINDINGS) I will put a link called (Research Survey) to take the questions that I need it in Word & Presentation.

u will take these questions:  ( 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 12, 13, 17, 18) and put it in the 2 files, With analytics for each question.


another thing, after you finished the work can you check the Conclusion in the word file because it will change after your editing, Basically its not correct anyway.


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