Final project for capsim simulation

Final Project for Capsim simulation


remember your Final project is a written document, not a PowerPoint.  Submite ONE file in MS Word with BOTH Sections.

It is imperative that the Board of Directors understand your company, its value, and its development cycle over the last eight years. This is your opportunity to exhibit your knowledge of your organization, your products, and how your business functions. High-level business executives are often short on time, so it is important that your summary is concisely written and rich in content. 


As has been emphasized in previous classes in the business core, effective business communication, peer-to-peer and peer-to-leader collaboration, and professional etiquette are mandatory skills to have in today’s and the future business world.  Because this is the last course in the business core, the second component of your capstone requires you to reflect on your use of business communication skills, professional etiquette, and collaboration skills throughout the Capsim simulation, this course, and the previous courses you have taken in the business core.


Ensure you include every section in your assignment; to lose points now because you skipped a section would be a CEO blunder, yes?


Also I have attached the Power Point, grading Rubric which all segments of Component 1 & 2 must be meet. You will also want to review your Financial Summary report, which will provide you with the historical picture of your decisions within the cash flow component, the balance sheet, and the income statement.

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