Exp19_access_ch05_cap – varmel studio toys 1.1

 Exp19 Access Ch05 Cap   Varmel Studio Toys 1 1 


You work as the database manager at Varmel Studio Toys, located in Lansing, Michigan. Varmel Studio Toys has the world’s largest selection of collectible superhero posters and action figures. Your task is to add validation rules, create a form that data entry associates can use to add new items to the inventory, and create a new table to classify items as a poster or action figure. You will also use queries to analyze existing data.


Start   Access. Open the file named Exp19_Access_Ch05_Cap_Varmel_Studio_Toys.accdb. Grader has automatically added   your last name to the beginning of the filename.


You will save the database file   with a new name and create a new table that will be the source for a lookup.

  Save the database file as   Exp19_Access_Ch05_Cap_Varmel_Studio_Toys_LastFirst.accdb. Use Design view to   create a new table. Add ItemTypeID as the first field name, with data type   AutoNumber; add ItemTypeDescription as the second field name, with data type Short   Text and field size 15.


Ensure ItemTypeID is set as the   primary key. Save the table and name it Item Types. Add two records: Action Figure and Poster. Close the table.


You will edit the Inventory   table design to validate data. You will make two fields required and add a   validation rule to a field. You will also make sure you test the validation   to make sure the rules work as intended.

  Open the Inventory table in Design view. Set the InventoryQty and ItemTypeID   fields to Required.


   Establish a validation rule for the InventoryQty field that requires the   value to be greater than or equal to zero. Create validation text for the   InventoryQty: The value of this field must be 0 or greater. (include the period). Save the   table. Switch to Datasheet view. Change the InventoryQty in the first record   to -2. The validation text appears.   Close the message box, then press Esc to restore the original InventoryQty   value. Close the Inventory table.



To help keep data input   consistent, you will add input masks to the Phone fields in the Employees   table.

  Open the Employees table in Design view. Add a phone number input mask for   the Phone field, storing with the symbols. Save and close the table.


You will convert the ItemTypeID   field in the Inventory table to a lookup field, using the new table you   created previously as the source for the values in the lookup field.

  Open the Inventory table in Design view. Change the Data Type of the ItemTypeID field to Lookup   Wizard. Use the Item Types table for the values in the lookup field,   select both fields in the table, accept the default sort, hide the key field   from the user, and then accept the default name ItemTypeID. Save the table. Switch to Datasheet view. Change the   item type to Poster in the first   record and click the second record. If the record updates successfully,   change the first record back to Action   Figure. Close the table.

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