Exp19_access_ch04_cap – foodies forms and reports 1.2

Exp19_Access_Ch04_Cap – Foodies Forms and Reports 1.2

Project Description:

You will create a form so that users of the database can enter and edit suppliers of products to your business easily. You create an attractive report that groups the products that you purchase by their suppliers, and then export it to PDF format for easy distribution. Finally, you create a Navigation Form so that database users can switch between major objects in the database readily.


   You will create a form to manage the data in the Suppliers table. Use the   Form tool to create the form, and then modify the form as required. You will   also remove the layout control from the form so that the controls can be   repositioned freely.

  Select the Suppliers table as the   record source for a form. Use the Form tool to create a new form with a default   layout.


Change   the form’s title to Enter/Edit Suppliers.   Change the width of the text box controls to approximately 3.4″.


Delete   the Products subform control from   the form. View the form and the data in Form view. Sort the records by   CompanyName in ascending order.


In   Layout view, set the background color of the CompanyName text box to Blue, Accent 1, Lighter 80%, and set   the font size to 14. Save the form   as  .   Close the form.


Open   the Edit Suppliers form in Design   view. Select all controls in the Detail section of the form, and then remove   the layout. View the form in Layout view. If necessary, arrange the fields on   the form one below the other in the following order: SupplierID, CompanyName, ContactName, ContactTitle, Address, City,   Region, PostalCode, Country, Phone, and Fax. Ensure that the left edges of the labels and the text boxes   align. Delete the Contact Title label   from the form and move the text box   up and to the right of ContactName so that their top edges are aligned.


Delete the Country label from the form and move the text box up and to the right of PostalCode so that their top   edges are aligned. Move the Phone   and Fax labels and text boxes up to below PostalCode so   that they close in the white space, keeping the spacing close to that of the   rest of the controls.


View   the form in Print Preview and set the orientation to Landscape. Switch to Form view, and then save and close the form.


You   will create a report based on the Company by Product List query. You decide   to use the Report Wizard to accomplish this task. You are planning to email a   copy of the report to your business partner who is not conversant in Access,   so you will export the report as a PDF file prior to sending it.

  Select the Company by Product List   query in the Navigation Pane as the record source for a report. Activate   the Report Wizard and use the following options as you proceed through the   wizard steps:

  Select all of the available fields for the report. View the data by   Suppliers. Accept the default grouping levels and click Next. Use ProductName   as the primary sort field in ascending order.

  Accept the Stepped and Portrait options. Save the report as Products by Suppliers.


Switch   to Layout view and apply the Organic   theme to this report only. Set the width of the ProductCost label to approximately 0.8″ so that the entire   text of the label is visible. Switch to Report view to determine whether all   the columns fit across the page. Switch to Layout view and drag the left edge   of the ProductName text box to the   left so that the column width is wide enough to display the values in the   field (approximately 2.5″).


Delete   the ContactName label and text box from the report. Drag the   right edge of the CompanyName text box   to the right so that the column width is wide enough to display the values in   the field (approximately 2.6″). Save the report.


Switch   to Print Preview and export the report as a PDF file named ProductsbySuppliers. Close the reader program that   displays the PDF report and return to Access. Close Print Preview. Close the   report.


You   realize that the Country field was not included in the query that is the   record source for your report. You add the field to the query and then modify   the report in Layout view to include the missing field.

  Open the Company by Product List query   in Design view. Add the Country field   from the Suppliers table to the query design grid, after the ProductCost   field. Run, save, and close the query.


Open   the Products by Suppliers report in Layout view. Add the Country field from the Field List pane by dragging it into the   report layout. Click the selection handle at the top of the Country column and move the column   immediately to the left of the Phone field. Resize the Country text box so that the column width is wide enough to   display the values in the field (approximately .75″). Switch to Print   Preview, then save and close the report.


You   will create a Navigation Form so that users can switch between objects in the   database readily.

  Create a Vertical Tabs, Left   Navigation Form.



Drag   the Edit Suppliers form icon from   the Navigation Pane onto the [Add New]   tab at the left of the form.


Drag   the Products by Suppliers report icon   from the Navigation Pane onto the second   [Add New] tab at the left of the form. Save the Navigation form with the   default name, Navigation Form.

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