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Project Description:

In the following project, you will edit a worksheet that summarizes the compensation for the commercial salespersons who qualified for bonuses in the Western and Eastern Canadian regions.


Open   the Excel file Student_Excel_2F_Bonus.xlsx downloaded with this   project.


Rename Sheet1 as Northern and rename Sheet2 as Southern.


Click the Northern sheet tab to   make it the active sheet, and then group the worksheets. In cell A1, type Rosedale   Landscape and Garden   and then Merge & Center the text across the range A1:F1. Apply the Title   cell style. Merge & Center the text in cell A2 across the range A2:F2,   and then apply the Heading 3 cell style.


The bonus rates for each salesperson are determined by sales amounts   using the following scale: Sales greater than $35,000 earn a bonus rate of   5%, sales greater than $25,000 earn a bonus rate of 4%. All other sales (any   amount greater than 0) earn a bonus rate of 2%. With the sheets still   grouped, in cell C5 use an IFS function to determine the commission rate for   the first salesperson whose sales are in cell B5. Fill the formula down   through cell C8.


In cell D5,   calculate Bonus for Reid by multiplying the Sales Eligible for Bonus times   the Bonus Rate. Copy the formula down through cell D8.


In cell F5, calculate Total   Compensation by summing the Bonus and Base Salary for Reid. Copy the formula   down through the cell F8.


In row 9, sum the columns for   Sales Eligible for Bonus, Bonus, Base Salary, and Total Compensation. Apply   the Accounting Number Format with two decimal places to the appropriate cells   in row 5 and row 9 (do not include the percentages).


Apply the Comma Style with two   decimal places to the appropriate cells in rows 6:8 (do not include the   percentages). Apply the Total cell style to B9 and D9:F9.


Ungroup the sheets, and then   insert a new worksheet. Change the sheet name to Summary. If any columns are too narrow to display   all the data, apply AutoFit to the column.


Move the Summary sheet so that   it is the first sheet in the workbook. In cell A1 of the Summary sheet, type Rosedale   Landscape and Garden   and then Merge & Center the title across the range A1:E1. Apply the Title   cell style. In cell A2, type June Commercial Salesperson Bonus Summary: California and then Merge & Center the   text across the range A2:E2. Apply the Heading 1 cell style.


In the range A5:A7, type the   following row titles and then apply the Heading 4 cell style:
Base   Salary
Total   Compensation

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