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For this assignment, you will learn to create, sort and filter an Excel table.

Melanie Castillo, Product Manager for Rosedale Landscape and Garden, has requested a worksheet that summarizes the current palm tree inventory data. Melanie would like the worksheet to include the total Quantity in Stock and Total amount of Sales by Type, and she would like the items to be sorted from lowest to highest retail price using custom sort. She would also like the Total amount of all Sales, with a Funnel Chart created.

You will do the following:

· Edit the file e02L_Palms file (see Project 3B files) to provide Melanie with the information requested, and use the Table feature to find the data requested.

· Format the worksheet titles and data and include an appropriately formatted table so that the worksheet is professional and easy to read and understand.

Insert a footer with the file name, and add appropriate document properties.

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