Environmental science | SCI203 Environmental Science and Sustainability – Laboratory Course | Colorado Technical University

Title: The Effect of Energy Sources on Environmental Pollution and Human Health

● Purpose 

o In 2-3 sentences, state the purpose of the Analysis of Energy Sources Lab. 

● Introduction 

o In a detailed paragraph, summarize what is currently known about renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Use the background information provided in the Unit 4 Lab: Analysis of Energy Sources.

● Hypothesis/Predicted Outcome 

o In one sentence, state what you expect the results of the lab procedure will be.  

● Methods 

o In a detailed paragraph, summarize the steps you performed for collecting the data in this lab exercise. The goal of the methods section is to include enough information that others can duplicate your process and obtain the same results.

● Results/Outcome 

o In a detailed paragraph, summarize your data.  

● Discussion/Analysis 

o In a detailed paragraph, discuss whether you obtained the expected results and what you learned from the lab.

 – Only Pt.II of the attachment needs to be answered. Thank you

– Use the information on the chart-Pt.I (pg.1) and the youtube video link at the bottom of pg.2 to answer the above questions for Pt.II only. 

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