Entr630 u2ip | ENTR630 Entrepreneurial Business Planning Capstone | Colorado Technical University

Deliverable Length: 2 board rosters: 500 words each; Discussion: 400–800 words


Contact the group of people who will make up your board of advisors, and secure their commitment to your business. It is very common for the advisory boards of new entrepreneurial ventures to be comprised predominantly of friends and family, so this should be the case for you.

Create a roster of advisors, and write a brief summary of each of their qualifications. 

Additionally, provide a short list of mentors; that is, people who are established in your field and who are willing to take your calls and offer you occasional advice.

Articulate your vision for your board, as follows:

  • Will your board mainly be focused on offering advice or providing governance? 
  • How will you leverage the handful of experts on your board? 
  • How often will the board meet, and where will it meet?
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