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Due Thursday 

Every day we engage in arguments. This is another instance where defining our words is important. When we talk about critical thinking, the “arguments” we refer to are not the conflicts or squabbles we have with others in daily interactions. In critical thinking, arguments are acts of persuading others about the value of an action or point of view. Whether we want to convince someone to join our view, or they want us to agree with them, the exchange, or argument, is a place where the use of critical thinking is beneficial.

After completing the Learning Activities for the week, please respond to all the inquires below. Your response should be a minimum of 175 words total (approx. 50 words per question).

  • Describe two factors we should consider when evaluating an argument (discussed in Ch. 6 of THiNK: Critical Thinking and Logic Skills for Everyday Life). Why are they important?
  • After reading Ch. 7 and 8 in THiNK: Critical Thinking and Logic Skills for Everyday Life, describe in your own words how inductive and deductive arguments are different.
  • After reading the facial recognition articles from the University Library, what did you think about the things you considered in reading these articles related to currency of the information, reliability and accuracy, the sources, and the purpose of the articles?
  • Reflect on the learning activities, concepts, ideas, and topics covered this week and discuss the most interesting activity or concept you learned this week as well as if there are any concepts that are still a bit confusing to you or that you have questions on.  

Due Monday 

Reply to at least 2 of your classmates’ or your instructor’s posts with substantive replies. (These should add to/build on the discussion in a substantial way, which typically means they are at least 75-100 words, or several sentences long). Be constructive and professional in your responses. 

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