Discussion: flying squadron costs: assessing normality ( table report

Use Microsoft Excel and StatDisk to complete the Flying Squadron Costs table for the aircraft type listed below: 

complete the costs using the B-52 data; use the Kadena data point in your z-score and probability calculations.

Report your values to two decimal places (i.e., 0.12) except for probability. Report probability values to four decimal places (i.e. p = 0.1234). 

Post the images of your spreadsheet and StatDisk results in the discussion area along with a narrative of your findings and the responses to the questions below.

Example of what StatDisk results should look like attached below! 

  1. Do these costs appear to come from a population that has a normal distribution? Why or why not?
  2. Can the mean of your data sample be treated as a value from a population having a normal distribution? Why or why not?
  3. Did an “unusually low” or “unusually high” z-score value occur?
  4. Was the associated z score probability value less than 0.05 (p < 0.05); meaning a “significantly low” or “significantly high” event? If yes, what are the implications for the base and/or aircraft?
  5. What were your findings? Hint: focus on the calculated mean, standard deviation and z-score (include probability) to interpret your results.
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